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Anna Dingley
Managing Director, Japan Connect Ltd

I founded Japan Connect in 2013 to link Japanese and UK businesses, people and ideas.

Japan has been an important part of my life ever since studying Japanese and business at university. I have lived and worked in Kagoshima, Kyoto, Nagoya and Tokyo in a number of roles over the years, and developed a wide network of senior level contacts and sector knowledge as a result.

With fluent Japanese, a deep understanding of Japanese culture, and business relationships with many of the country’s exciting companies, I make effective connections between UK and Japanese entrepreneurs, investors, government, and executives.

I was appointed as a consultant by the UK government in 2013 to engage with Japanese corporations as they develop and grow commercial activities in the UK. This role included briefing policy makers on market issues, and facilitating Prime Minister meetings with Japanese corporations in the UK.

My work in the private sector has covered the spectrum of disciplines from business development, investor relations, corporate governance, branding, PR and recruitment. More recently my work has expanded to include US clients, including US government policy experts, and the application of artificial intelligence tools to global businesses.


“Yoroshiku onegaishimasu” 

Anna Dingley


2013 Established Japan Connect Ltd
2010-2013 JPMorgan Tokyo. Executive Director
2007-2009 London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange joint venture
2007 Bloomberg, London
2004-2006 World Exposition, Aichi Japan. UK Pavilion Manager
1999-2005 Ingia consulting
1997 Kyoto Research Park, Kyoto
1996 JET Programme, Kagoshima

Japan Connect Consulting Services

  • International business development
  • Institutional investor relations
  • Government relations
  • Post merger integration
  • Recruitment
  • Corporate Governance

Anna has been nominated to join Nihon M&A Center (TSE First Section code 2127) as an Independent Non Executive Director, subject to final confirmation in the AGM June 2020.

Official announcement (Japanese language only)

Japan Connect clients have included:

Capitas Alpha Partners Jefferies logo Nihon M&A Center Inc Platipus Earth Anchoring Systems SparkcognitionUK Trade & Investment logo Robert Walters logo Gideon Franklin

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